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From now on, I’ll be posting entries on my http://p0pfiction.blogspot.com. Bye WordPress, hello Blogspot. Hahaha.


Spent Monday afternoon with Shaq, Jay and Ekay at Xocolat, Katipunan. The rain sucked (and it still sucks. Always will.). Thanks to Shaq for fetching me at Ken Afford with Patty’s umbrella ella. :D Comedy sobra. Parang ‘di ako nagpayong eh. Ganong lebel. Wet and wild for life. And the tissue supply in Xocolat, I’m sorry naman. No supply at all eh. Naghihirap ba kayo? Eh ang mahal ng mga pagkain ninyo. Sus.

Ok. So there. A little bit of handwriting comparison, Calculus teaching (brush up ang dating), weirdness (this, we won’t miss!), kwentuhan about life and common acquaintances (ANUBA! lahat ng kilala ni Ekay, kilala ni Jay. Lahat ng kilala ni Jay, kilala ni Ekay. ANUBA! whatta BIG BIG world talaga ah. Irony malamang.) Then Shaq introduced me to her friends, Patty (the one with the Louis Vuitton fan. medyo lang gullible) and Mon. Nice people. Mga pasaway! :P

Went to UP SC after to window shop (kala mo ang laki ng tindahan eh.), and chatted with Phoebe while waiting for Jay who has a madaldal Indian speaker sa seminar. Then we ate ISAW!!! The post-office version. Ok na rin, though I prefer the one in front of Malcolm, along Sunken (it used to reside near the Protestant chapel).

Lantern Parade’s gonna be held on Dec. 19. Yay! Looking forward to it. Wala kasi last year.

And I just remembered the word KAGITINGAN. haha. Hindi maganda ito, Jay. Para sa’yo, para sa lahat. haha joke lang. More of sa’yo. Bakit ganyan ang mundo? Puro PREMONITION? (ang sama ko talaga. wala akong pake.) And I watched GKNB yesterday, may PREMONITION na naman. I’m sorry naman. I told myself that I WOULDN’T DO IT kapag ‘di siya nanalo at hindi nga sya nanalo. Pero nag-earthquake eh. TEMPTATION is sooo tempting. Why oh why? Nyeta yan. Again, I faltered.

Songs really do describe how I feel right now. Missing – EBTG. Pagkatapos, SELFISH – The Other Two. Swack!

Cheers to Jay for the KUMYLIE thing. Sige lang. Kung san ka masaya, suportahan taka. At ako, go-Gomorrah na lang. Hindi maganda. Pero fine. PagTIYAGAan. Sama. haha.

Cheers to Ekay for opening up. Thanks for the trust.

[yuck Jay. THRUST. ang baboy mo.]

I visited my Johari a few minutes back, and barely noticed that he wrote something on it. At maganda in fairness. The chosen adjectives weren’t something trifling to consider.

ACCEPTING (why oh why?)
TRUSTWORTHY (why oh why?)

Yun yun eh. :) pero wag magkaroon ng nararamdaman. Para hindi masaktan. BITTER daw? :D


I’ve had this misunderstanding with someone yesterday. Or was it not? I don’t know anymore. Ayoko na. Ayoko sa lahat yung late sa kitaan AT yung nangpe-pressure sakin sa time. Being late for work is a different case, though. Ako yun eh. It’s my burden kung malate ako sa trabaho. But for me to be demanded some time sa pamamagitan ng pangongonsensya (yan ang dating sakin, sorry), kahit alam mong busy ako or kakagaling lang sa sakit, wag eh. Sobrang WAG, PLEASE. My patience is getting too thin na talaga eh. With a lot of things. Just don’t be selfish and inconsiderate naman sana. You know me well. Isang sabi lang, kung kaya, bakit hindi? Respect the decision sana. Respect respect respect. And understand. PLEASE.

Apologies? Ayoko na. Kapagod na. Consider me pesky, cynical and disparaging, go ahead. It’s the least of my worries now.

Wow to the lateness at text pagmulat ng mata. Ang unfair ng mundo.


There’s not an error. I intentionally underlined everything. Go figure.

It’s been quite a busy week last week (eventhough I didn’t report for work last Thur and Fri). I had to do a lot of errands – do grocery, pay bills, etc. After that, I took a nap and went to see Phoebe. We watched The Nanny Diaries. Nice feel-good movie. I went to Jay’s after. I WAS SUPPOSED to teach her and Rio for the upcoming UP LAE but we were so engrossed with a “meeting” conducted by Jay. we should have that kind of talk every now and then. Good for the mind. Nakaka-ox brain. lol.

I met Rio’s bf, too, Thom.

We slept at around 3 or 4 am (sino ang gahaman sa blanket?) and woke up at around 9 am. I again WAS SUPPOSED to leave early because I had to prepare for Sybil’s baby’s 1st birthday at 3 PM that same day, but what did Jay DID? Again, MEETING at KAPE. Haha.

I went home, ate lunch, washed the dishes, looked after JP (for about an hour), took a bath and hurried to Trinoma. I was supposed to meet my officemates at 2 pm, but I had to move the meeting at a latter time (2.30 pm) because I don’t wanna be late. Guess what. I arrived at 3 pm, and them – quarter to 4. Haha. Still late but not thaaaat late. Gwen, Car Cash and I went to meet Myke, his kid and Lance at Starbucks FEU near Sybil’s place, then all together, we went at Sybil’s. Goodluck to Sybil’s manong driver and her car. haha.

So there. We celebrated Jiantutut’s first birthday. It was fun. Jian’s so cute I wanna squeeze him hard. Kagigil eh.

I went home around 8.30 pm (iba na pag KJ), took a bath and left for Jay’s again. This time I did teach her.  :P

The day after, I just stayed at home and read JC’s For One More Day by Mitch Albom. Kaiyak lech. Kung pwede lang magbasa na lang FOREVER.

And what do I get from all these? Fever and colds. WOW. And PMS pa pala. SAYA!

After all, an apple a day doesn’t always keep the doctor away. An apple won’t help. It’s a distraction. “Disaaasterrr…” (quoting HappySlip’s half-faced “dad”).

There’s a fine, fine line between love
And a waste of time…

And I don’t have the time to waste on you anymore.
I don’t think that you even know what you’re looking for.
For my own sanity, I’ve got to close the door
And walk away…

I wished you were something that you were not…

Wasted time left me tainted.

Just random lines from different poems and songs that I wanted to chant over and over.

[I don’t know why everytime I edit this entry, it freakin takes out all the paragraph spaces in between. It acts like it’s CURSED. cursed. cursed. JUST LIKE YOU. Shoo.]


The EWAN feeling’s back, and it’s quite unjust that I’m the ones feeling guilty about it when I was the one who was actually aggravated. Pakshet yan. Why would a person have to be UNFEELING dahil lang sa isang bagay na mawawala rin naman, or wala na at all? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being pessimistic here. Kung nararamdaman mo namang mawawala na yung bagay na yun but you still let things pass just because you’re lost in oblivion, iba na yung tawag don eh. Sayang ang panahon. And that is what I’m feeling right now. Masama kung masama pero ganon eh. To spend time brooding over things that are worthless is to keep the fire burning under the rain.

Speaking of, I need to figure out how Zah and I can go home without getting all soaked up. Pamatay na ulan yan.

Yipee. Pahinga galore! Today is Thursday, my last week in the office. I’ll be returning on Tuesday (parang autoresponder sa email ah.) – that’s 5 days of idleness. Sana lang.

Can’t wait for Jiantutut’s birthday celeb on Saturday. Halhalan ito!


I got to see not-so-common-to-see friends last week and a week before that. I spent lunch with Shaq, who seemed to be getting taller everytime we meet, two Wednesdays ago. I really missed her. She’s one of my favorite EGTS students I almost treat her like my own sister. Again, we laughed our asses off while talking about A LOTTA THINGS. She’s still the same funny and kengkoy Shaq I used to know 9 years ago. She hasn’t changed a bit, well, except for the longer hair and the height. Kulit pa rin talaga, but I love her for what she is, to the point na sasapak ako para sa kanya.

Last Saturday, Sybil and I went to Edel’s dad’s wake in Loyola, Guadalupe. May he rest in peace (I saw Master!). I went straight to Jay’s from there, and taught some Math (her favorite subject. ‘Di ko naman talaga gusto yun eh. :D) The day after, she let me watch a movie in her iPod. Heck, the movie made me cry. It was the 4th time I cried that week. Pakshet na palabas yan. It’s not obscene, as people may consider it to be when they hear the title – Lost and Delirious by Léa Pool [The semblance between Piper Perabo and Jay is profound, ah.]. It indeed serves as a good paragon of LIEBESTOD-ness. Pucha yan. :-(

Last Monday, I accompanied my ostrich (haha) friend Pierre in UP to get a copy of 2×2 digital photos (in SC. Next time magdala ng red na kurtina, ha?) and to pass her LAE form in Malcolm. Go Pierre! We spent lunch with Jay and Rio (whom I missed as well! Belated Happy Birthday Rio Mio!) at Ababu. As always, halhalan na naman ang mundo. Jay rated Pierre 98 (Pierre: “ano’ng highest?”) God only knows why. I remembered how Jay and Gel used to tag each person a number (Jay: “ahh, yan 71.” Gel:  “ahh, yun naman 25.”) – that was when we just got acquainted. It’s like I was: “Shet pano nyo nalalaman yung number, ano’ng basis nyo?! Weight ba, height, size ng paa, ano???” but all the same, I understood them, though I cannot explain how that works. Basta nagkakaintindihan na lang kami. Haha.

After lunch, I saw Tibs (Shaq’s sparing partner in EGTS) in Trinoma. We spent a great deal talking (while eating) in Sbarro, then we went shooting (basketball. I got 134! Highest ever!), racing and air hockeying in TimeZone. Exagg-an ang load sa card ah. :P Looking forward to reuniting these kids in the future, before it’s too late. Hoowat?!


I find this video cool, at the same time funny. It’s the Clumsy by Fergie video, which I first saw in MTV last Friday, while eating lunch. The “can’t-help-it-guy/s” sounded like Chumbawumba.


Memories are coming back. I don’t want to upbraid you for ALL the MISTAKES and harm you’ve done to the family yet here you go again. Punyeta.

I WON’T LET YOU RUIN MY BIRTHDAY THIS TIME. Not anymore. Mga pakshet walang sisira ng araw ko. Hindi ko ‘to dinedeserve.


My fondness for books is back again. It’s been a while since I bought a book (a few months back, I can’t recall.), and the time has come for me to add something new on my list. Below are the books I recently bought:

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris
(I gave Marcy a copy of this on her birthday last year)
Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer
(The first part of the Rosnovski and Kane series, this novel catapulted Archer to fame. I’ve read the 2nd and 3rd parts — The Prodigal Daughter and Shall We Tell the President?, though.)
A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami
Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman again by Haruki Murakami
The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
(I just found the plot quite interesting. It’s slightly like the novel counterpart of the movie Stranger Than Fiction)

I’m looking forward to reading all these before the year ends, in addition to the Harry Potter series I’m yet to finish (I’m on Book 4), the Steve Berry series Mariel lent me, and the Jay-borrowed books. God bless me. Haha.


I just took a 6-hour exam (that I was not able to finish in 6.5 hours. Haha.) I checked F and found this survey from Mayk. Ngayon lang ako ulit magsasagot ng ganito.

UP student ka ba? yes
UPCAT passer? yes
Student number? – 97-**191
Course? Major? – BA Linguistics then BS Civil Eng’g.
Do you really like it there? – yes
Is this your first choice of campus? – yes
Why? – ayos eh. Mura tuition fee.
San-san ka nag-apply na colleges/universities? – UP and UST (bagsak pa daw sa UST)
Dumadalaw ka pa ba sa UP or dadalaw ka pa ba khit grad ka na? – Yes! Dumadalaw pa rin!
The best thing about UP? – the Sunken Garden, the Lagoon, the SHOPPING CENTER!!! Isaw! CASAA, The Beta Way (that shortest path from AS to Melchor and back.), Eng’g Week, Lantern Parade, Oblation Run, ACLE, Aggre!
What do you miss or you’re going to miss? – exaggerated aral pag malapit na ang exams, Sunday exams (pakshyet ES), Rodiks, isaw, Bluebook, Main Lib, Aggregates of course!, Beach House, Blockmates, Larae and Co.
Fave place mo don? – Aggre tambayan, Main, CS and NIGS lib, SC, AS steps and walk, BEACH HOUSE, Lutong/KapitBahay.
Fave day mo? Why? – Wed and Sat – walang pasok. lol.
Fave building? Why? – AS (all UP Dil students spend at least 1 year of their college lives there, maraming tiangge at bilihan ng pocketbooks.), CS (the auditorium, the library), Math Bldg (ay jusme di na tinatanong yan.)
Least fave building? Why? – Those eerie pavilions – from Bio to Chem to Physics!!! pakshet.
Memorize mo ba yung UP Hymn? – before. haha. sama.
Paborito mong prof? – ung kamukha ni Robin Padilla na Physics 73 prof (at left-handed din), Physics 72 Sir Monterola (shyet. may the PORES be with you.), CE 22 Prof Diaz, CCC – Chem 16 prof, Math 53 Prof Almazar.
Bakit siya/sila? – gwapings at pasado ako sa kanilang lahat. haha.
Pinaka-ayaw mong prof? – CE 131 and CE 132 prof. RIP.
Bakit siya? – ay no comment.
Naglalakad ka ba lagi? – yes. lumaki tuloy legs. kainis.
Madalas ka ba sa lib pag vacant mo? – lib and tambayan.
Sino chancellor sa UP? – ay di ko na alam.
Gusto mo ba ung Perspective? – huh?
If you weren’t in UP, nasaan ka? In Mapua maybe.
Sa tingin mo malaki b ang naitulong/maitutulong ng UP sayo? – 50%.
Nanonood ka ba ng mga laro ng UP sa UAAP? – yes
Nagchi-cheer ka ba ng go UP!!?? – yeah, sa bahay pag nanonood ng UAAP.
Anong masasabi mo kay Oble? – censored pero ayos ka. haha.
Gano ka na katagal nagaaral sa UP? – 5 years
Ano masasabi mo sa mga kaklase mo? – mga hayop! haha!
Eh sa classroom niyo? – iba ibang ambience ng classroom kaya iba ibang say rin.
Anong floor classroom niyo? – hanggang 4th ang highest.
Pinapagamit ba sa inyo ung elevator? – walang kwentang elevator.
San ka madalas kumakain? – Lutong Bahay at KapitBahay.
Ano inoorder mo dun? – Bicol Express, kilawin, mga lutong bahay na kahit ano!
Kumakain ka ba ng street food sa labas ng campus? – yeboys.
Para sayo ano’ng college ang may pinakagwapo o pinakamagandang mga
studyante? – Coll of BA, Coll of Arch, CHK, CE!
Eh anong college ang may pinakamagandang bldg? – EEE
Inggit ka naman? – hindi noh.
Anong PE mo? – Table tennis, lawn tennis, Phil Games.
Masaya ka naman ba sa pe mo? – op kors.
Bumili ka na ba ng UP jacket? – oo, pero hindi para sa akin.
May balak? – wala.
Eh ung tshirts? – meron!
Nakapagpapicture ka na ba k oble.. – nope.
Ilang beses na? – hindi nga eh.
Bakit kaya madaming turista dumadayo sa campus natin? – aral aral ng English ang mga baribashe. joke.
Nakapagaral ka na ba para sa prelims? – walang prelims prelims sa amin. Long test, Mid terms at finals lang tawag namin.
Natry mo nabang dasalan mga rebulto sa UP? – ngak.


Can’t think of anything else to do at the moment than to write something on this web log. I haven’t felt THIS sleepy in my life on the floor (don’t philosophize; this is not the best time), maybe because I’m so looking forward to my long vacation (?), can’t really explain it. Work’s not been so good lately.

I was reading Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and found it to be a bit prosaic. Alienation and symbolism are so profound, though. Who would ever think that in just one snap, your brother/son would turn into a spider? I can’t quite bear the thought of having one for a relative, let alone a pet. Gregor’s being that may symbolize his insignificant life as a traveling sales agent (or whatever you call it); a great many symbols, actually, which I will no longer enumerate. I’ll try to finish reading it in one sitting, and tell the rest.

I’m also into HP. Nice book by Rowling. So many good books to read, yet so little time.

My horoscope read: “You need to push your boundaries a bit today, if only to stave off boredom. It’s a great time to explore new possibilities in your love life or home situation, but go only as far as you’re willing to go.” Am in a dilemma as to what my decision would be in terms of financial matters. God help me. I have better plans.


Transformers is the BOMB! This is one of the best 2007 movies I’ve ever watched so far, and we watched it inTrinoma (Jay, I and Mariel). It is the new Ayala mall in town, just a few blocks away from SM City. I was never in my life a fan of this cartoon/action thrilled animation yet when I watched the movie, whoah! After that is DVD with again, Jay and Mariel – BBM. Nice movie. A lotta people should see it and have their minds OPENED. I came across this website: BBM – Lessons which you may wanna check out. It contains a veeeeeeeery long thread of responses related to the film.

My asthma is back. Due to changing seasons I presume. Back then I’ve always had asthma attacks during November. This time it’s different. And back then I used to have skin asthma – it’s worse than the typical hard-to-breathe case. Why? I can’t walk and sleep properly, lest those skin allergies bleed and hurt like hell. Yuck. Enough of that asthma talk. It’s hard to laugh, though, when you have difficulty breathing. Oh well. There’s nothing to laugh about, I came to realize. I’d quit work once I get a new job. A better paying job. With tools that won’t shut damn large accounts off for some reason only God knows what.

Next movie that I watched was The Other Side of Midnight. Just like Fight Club (which I got to watch on the same day as The Other Side), I came to realize that not all novels become less substantial when turned into a movie (speak of Memoirs of a Geisha). The Other Side is a 3-hour movie, a Sheldon novel originally. It is a story of Larry Douglas’ betrayal over Noelle Page, whom he promised to marry once he goes back to Noelle’s homecity. In this movie we will see where women’s betrayals USUALLY originate from. Larry is such a dork. He molded Noelle to be as deceitful as he is. Some men are such dorks. They degrade women, not fully aware that they themselves are MORE WORTHLESS than we are. They are so discriminating and degrading. In that sense, equality is so ethereal.

This is what’s fun with owning a blog. You get to speak your mind. What do they care? This is my blog and I can say anything I wanted to say.

Tyler Durden, he must live on. LoL. I just love Tyler Durden’s and Chuck Palahniuk’s words. Here’re some of them:

“First you have to give up, first you have to *know*… not fear… *know*… that someday you’re gonna die.” – this one sounds like Jay. I swear.

You wake up at Seatac, SFO, LAX. You wake up at O’Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI. Pacific, mountain, central. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time. You wake up at Air Harbor International. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?”

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

“Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

“The things you own end up owning you.”

“This was freedom.  Losing all hope was freedom.”


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